Releasing “Capture The Flag”, a simple Java-based game

Capture the flag is the name of a game I programmed in a small team in a Java class in high school. Because I haven’t released any new or interesting content in quite some time, I decided to share this project on my blog, as well as having a copy of the project on a GitHub repository. The project is no longer maintained, but I may decide to clean up the code a bit in the future, or release some bug fixes. The game is written in Java, and it should work just fine on Microsoft Windows, as well as any modern version of Linux using Pulse Audio, as long as a reasonably new version of Java is installed. The game has been tested to work with both OpenJDK and Sun Java 6. I’ve been rather busy with a lot of work lately, but I felt that posting a copy of this code was a good idea. It is likely that some of the assets in the project are copyrighted, as we were looking to create a game that worked well for educational purposes, rather than create a commercial-grade videogame, so all assets [images and audio] are copyrighted by their original owners, and we are not taking credit for creating them. Most of the game’s resources are embedded into the actual source code using Base64 encoding, rather than having separate files for these resources. Anyways, the project is available on GitHub, and you are welcome to fork the code, just let me know if you decide to do so, as I’m interested in knowing if anybody actually uses this in another project. Not all features in the code work properly, but if you leave the code as it is and compile it, it will work just fine. In addition to myself, the game was also designed and programmed by Rhyan Smith, Justin Gompers, and Manny Castillo. If you hit F1 during the game, you can see a list of pieces and game rules. ¬†Enjoy! :)