New “ShareThis” Feature!

I’ve added a new feature to all posts on my site called “ShareThis”. You can now choose to share posts with friends on tons of different social networks and blogs, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Blogger, and Google Buzz. You’ve probably seen these buttons on, like, every single blog ever written already, and I’m proud to announce that they’re now on my site as well. To try it now, simply click one of the share icons at the bottom of this post. I’m hoping that these share buttons will bring even more visitors to my site. Not only that, but these buttons are also a really fun feature that lets you share posts that you find interesting with your friends. Check it out! The default selection of networks listed under the posts is subject to change, as I may add or remove preset networks based on recommendations from visitors, as well as my own intuition.

Google Adds Mobile Editing to Docs on Android and iOS Devices

This post is somewhat out of the ordinary, but this is just so cool, I couldn’t help myself from sharing it. Google just released a new feature in Google Docs that will let you edit your documents from any mobile phone running Android or iOS. Not only that, but you can also edit your document while others are editing it at the same time, with “near real-time” updates. This new feature will be available for all users on Android version 2.2 or iOS version 3.0 or greater. Users on Android can also write text using their voice. Check out the following video, it’s pretty cool.